Gallery 2013

The Lunasa Harvest Moon Cabaret,
Sat, 4rd May, Bewley’s Café Theatre, Dublin

With a blessing from Lugh for a great night out, as Otis B. Driftwood once said, there was  dancing in the streets, drinking in the saloons, and necking in the parlor!  Some cool short film and all the usual suspects to liven up the Celtic feast.  Here’s our gallery:


The Cinci de Mayo Cabaret:

Sat, 4rd May, Bewley’s Café Theatre, Dublin

Dublin certainly needed a touch of Mexico on a blustery May evening, and Cáca Milis brought it to Bewley’s Cafe Theatre by the sun-kissed bucket load…


The Cáca Milis Viva Zorro! Cabaret:
Fri, 3rd May, Wexford Arts Centre

A veritable feast celebrating the life of Zorro, sprinkled lovingly with a range of performers, garnished with delicious tapas from D’Lush Café, and the icing on the cake – a visit from the Mexican Ambassador.

The New Moon Cabaret:
Fri, 12 April, Wexford Arts Centre

Fantastic and magical evening was had by all – check out the photos below …


The Cáca Milis Dublin Kick-Off Cabaret 2013:
Sat, 06 April, Bewley’s Café Theatre

Our first time at The Bewley’s Café Theatre – a sold-out gig!


The Imbolg Cabaret:
Fri, 1st February 2013