Roll up, roll up for The Cáca Milis Cabaret

Roll up, roll up for The Cáca Milis!

The Cabaret is a not for profit group which runs on ticket sales, grants and the generosity of local businesses in Wexford, who provide us with prizes for a monthly fundraising raffle.

The Wexford Arts Centre is the main patron of The Cabaret – providing in-kind support for us, and in 2013, reorganising the  set up in order that we may continue in its excellent theatre (as the Cabaret’s location in a theatre is key), and provide funds to provide modest fees and expenses.

Dublin is the new frontier as Captain Kirk might have said, with The Bewleys Café Theatre providing a home for its vagaries in Spring and Summer of 2013.   This is a nascent venture, and we are hoping to make a go of it!

Although we have no external funding thus far in 2013, we were in receipt of annual grants from 2009-2012 from the Arts Council of Ireland, for which we were extremely grateful. In 2011, we also received generous funding from The Coracle Project to promote Irish and Welsh literature, as well as a grand to produce our anthology from The Wexford Borough Council.

In 2013, we are hoping that we may draw in some modest sponsorship for our venture – especially in the area of the upcoming “Cáca Milis Anthology.”

If you are a business, and would like to support us in return for your logo/link on our website (featured on each page, as a side widget) – please do also contact us, and we will send you an info kit in return.

Since there is a lot of work involved in the Cabaret – booking artists, maintaining the website and social media that promotes them and the Cabaret – design of flyers, posters, marketing, press, bookkeeping, etc etc.  if you would like to be involved as a volunteer, please contact Alex Caulfield through our contact form, thanks.