19 February, 2018:  The Cáca Milis Cabaret presents a taste of each of the Arts during its two-hour programme, somewhat in the joyous spirit of old time Music Hall, but presenting all original work with an emphasis on technical quality, diversity and artistic excellence.

At The Cáca Milis, over six timed slots, expect to see new music, poetry, jazz, new fiction, short Irish film and drama pieces, dance, burlesque, circus arts, comedy and of course classic cabaret as performed by Hostess and founder Helena Mulkerns with Dublin composer and musician Josh Johnston on piano.

Since 2009, we have presented around 600 performers on our boards – both at our original base in The Wexford Arts Centre, and other venues in Dublin, Limerick, Wicklow, Wales and Electric Picnic. Currently, the core team of the cabaret is author Helena Mulkerns and Josh Johnston, composer and musician.

We promote performers through our website, local traditional press outlets and social media. We have featured in The Irish Times, Hot Press, national radio (Today FM and Arena), television (Imeall, TG4) and local radio stations in the South East and Dublin. In 2019, for our 10th anniversary, we expect to be taking on another member to help with organisation, administration and promotion. We also expect to be setting up in Dublin and elsewhere.

We have published an anthology of the writers and poets who have performed at the cabaret (Red Lamp Back Piano), and are looking forward to a second tome in 2019.

Our greatest strength is the artists who support and perform with us, and who understand and love what we are doing. We pay an equal remuneration to each artists based on our incomings and cover most travel expenses. Normally participants fulfill acts of fifteen to twenty minutes each. Many artists like to take the cabaret as an opportunity to air new material or promote a project.

The proof of the Cabaret’s worth is that we love to present it and generally, guests love to play, read and perform at it. In Wexford, our audience has built up into a dedicated following. We are proud to maintain cultural diversity as well as gender and LGBT awareness in our programming – all part of this cornucopia of the arts. There is a rather special theatrical ambience and a spontaneity that draws artists and audience back to the Cáca Milis Cabaret time and again. We continue to play Wexford regularly at the Wexford Arts Centre, and hope to re-create this magic in Dublin in 2019. We invite you to come along to one of our shows, contact us about performing, or to support us.

If you’d like to perform with us, book us or support us,

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